Product care



In a soft cloth, mix washing liquid and water and softly brush away the dirt. Be careful not to add to too much water

Once dry, you can also apply a leather conditioner inside the shoe and on the upper. This will help soften the shoe for maximum comfort.

Apply a suitable wax or polish for leather shoes to help keep dirt away and protect.




Stuff the shoes with the paper shoe tree & stick provided when you bought the shoes so that they can hold their shape while you work on them. If you don't have the original box anymore, you can stuff the shoes with newspaper.

Make sure your Lola Domecq shoes are dry, and gently brush away the dirt and dust using a suede cleaning. Brush  in the direction of the fibers instead of going back and forth.

For stubborn marks you can use a pencil eraser to rub out the dirt.




With a soft bristle brush or dry cloth, brush away any dust or dirt. It is key that you do this, as if not you might rub the dirt into the fabric.

Wet a cloth with cold water and blot any stains, starting from the top of the shoe, following the grain of the fabric. Never use hot water, as the satin silk could shrink.

If water isn’t enough, add hand washing liquid onto your wet cloth. Rub the cloth to produce a lather and dab any stains with the soapy cloth.


Immediately rinse your Lola Domecq's with a new clean cloth and cold water to remove any soap left.


Use a towel to dry the shoes. Do not rub the fabric or air-dry it as this could cause watermarks. Try to remove as much moisture with the towel as possible.


Inner soles

It is natural that the inner sole to become dirty or discoloured after the use. Because of this, we recommend regular mild cleaning to enhance the appearance. 

A traditional method of doing this is to wet a soft cloth with water and mild soap and gently wipe any dirt away

Ensure that no water reaches the outer sole as this may stain the fabrication.



The soles of your Lola Domecq's are made of a smooth and delicate leather and will therefore naturally wear down. This is a natural process and part of the normal wear of the shoes.

The small stains on the leather sole can be softened by rubbing gently with a white eraser.

In the event the soles become very worn down, we recommend replacing them with an additional leather sole. This can be done at most cobblers.