About us

We design our shoes in our studio in London and they are created exclusively for us in Spain. They are made by the most remarkable artisans, where tradition in craftsmanship and experience ensure the comfort of our products. Our goal is to make beautiful shoes inside and out, you won’t see the inside but you will feel the difference.  
We want to celebrate the careful workmanship in a time where so many products are mass-produced. Each pair is made with materials only sourced from local Spanish businesses and hand made in Alicante. A fair and sustainable production that supports spanish businesses is key to our brand.
Lola Domecq’s collection is inspired by Spain and its traditions, and it is mixed with the new trends. The woman who wears Lola Domecq wants comfort, style, quality and exclusivity; she is into fashion but she creates her own style. 

Thank you all from being part of the Lola Domecq family. 



Lola Domecq Founder